High Rigidity & Light Weight body for fast road car


ENDLESS have been producing several Racing Type Monobloc 6pot caliper in these years. Because of the purpose, the caliper body is very wide to have a thick pads. This new "MONO6 Sports" was designed to run on street and trackday, so we consider the wheel matching more with narrower body. But through simulation and analyse by CAE we could give very high rigidity and light weight. Good opportunity for the current ENDLESS 6pot customer Mono6 Sports is compatible with our 6pot (EC670 and EC603#), so he can upgrade only with this new caliper body. Also he can fit with the same wheel because of the compact body. When he want to reduce the weight of the brake system or to increase the rigidity or the toughness under heavy conditions, he has only to buy this new body.


*Forged Monobloc